Prostate Screen Australia

The Valentine’s Gift of Life

This Valentine’s Day, Australia’s first dedicated prostate cancer testing group is urging women to give their men the gift of life by booking them in for a simple test.

Prostate cancer is Australia’s most commonly diagnosed male cancer, affecting an astonishing 1 in 9 men.

Over 20,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year and over 3,300 men will die.

In fact this year, more men will die from prostate cancer than women will of breast cancer.

Only recently has a dedicated service become available that offers men simple and easily accessible testing for this disease. It’s called Prostate Screen Australia.

Prostate Screen Australia is a specialist clinic of highly trained general practitioners who utilise the latest advanced computer modelling, combined with established medical testing to assess a patient’s risk of prostate cancer and thereby aid in the early and accurate diagnosis of the disease.

Testing for prostate cancer is the most effective way of reducing the risk of dying from the disease. Research suggests a reduction of 20 to 44% in death rates from prostate cancer can be attributed to early detection via this simple test.

Prostate cancer specialist, Dr Peter Swindle treats men with prostate cancer and says, “It is astonishing that we continue to see men who either have not been tested or are not tested in a stringent manner whom then present with advanced disease.”

His experience of the disease is also personal. “I have had two family members who, had it not been for the work of Prostate Screen Australia, may have been destined for a similar fate. Instead, their prostate cancer was detected early and they underwent successful treatment and can now go on to lead happy and healthy lives.”

Dr Swindle is therefore urging women who have husbands, partners, grandfathers, fathers, uncles, brothers or just male friends in their lives who are over 40, to contact Prostate Screen Australia this Valentine’s Day and book them in for this simple test.

For more information, call  1300 10 33 33