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New Prostate Cancer Test : Prostate Health Index (phi)

A new blood test is now available for use in prostate cancer testing, known as the ‘Prostate Health Index’ (phi).

A marker for prostate cancer was recently identified known as truncated proPSA (p2PSA). p2PSA circulates in the blood as a part of the Free PSA fraction. By measuring a combination of the proPSa, Free PSA and Total PSA, pathologists are able to provide a calculation known as the ‘Prostate Health Index’ or phi.

Pathologists propose that current testing methods have up to 65% diagnostic accuracy whilst the phi test yields up to 75% accuracy and is a better indicator of whether a patient should have a prostate biopsy.

The use of phi test in practice is still evolving however Medicare Australia are yet to provide a rebate for the test. This means that the test cannot be bulk billed and therefore the individual patient is billed per test ($95.00).

Prostate Screen Australia, Australia’s only prostate cancer testing group now offers the phi at the individual request of men in addition to our advanced testing methods and guidelines.

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