Corporate Program

Prostate Cancer is Australia’s most commonly diagnosed male cancer and the second leading cause of cancer rated death. Sadly, more men will die today of prostate cancer than women will of breast cancer.

There is no way to prevent prostate cancer, however early detection through systematic screening can identify disease long before symptoms arise. Early stage prostate cancer is treatable and curable.

What can Prostate Screen Australia’s Corporate Program offer your male workforce?

Employees spend more than a third of their waking hours at work. Our Corporate Program provides a unique opportunity to partner with the health focused team at Prostate Screen Australia to promote prostate health within your organisation with wide ranging benefits not only for the individual but for the organisation as a whole.

Our Corporate Program offers:

  1. Testing: Specialised Prostate Cancer testing for organisations with 5 to 5000 employees
  2. Onsite Awareness Program: Prostate Screen Australia provides signage and related awareness material for use within your organisation throughout the campaign
  3. Onsite Education Program: Prostate Screen Australia provides onsite prostate health education for staff and their families. We will assist you in developing and implementing an employee education program on Prostate Cancer and can provide up-to date statistics, sample resources and implementation assistance.

What is involved in testing for prostate cancer in our Corporate Program?

Prostate Screen Australia works closely with your HR department to identify at risk employees. These men are then contacted and invited to participate in the prostate cancer testing program. Men who agree to be tested are then seen in our clinic at South Brisbane and undergo a full risk assessment history, physical examination and then after appropriate discussion and education undergo a PSA blood test.

Please contact Prostate Screen Australia Head Office on 1300 10 33 33 or to arrange an obligation free onsite consultation and assessment.