Rural and Remote Practitioner Support

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Rural and Remote Practitioner Support

For every 100 men who dies of prostate cancer in a metropolitan area of Australia, 121 men will die in rural Australia.

Prostate Screen Australia is committed to the prostate health of all men regardless of location or access to specialist services. We provide two services to remote practitioners:

  • PSA and DRE interpretation advice
  • General Advice

PSA and DRE interpretation advice

If you wish to perform your own prostate cancer testing, Prostate Screen Australia can provide you with free up to date advice regarding the interpretation of results, suggested follow up and requirements for referral (if any). A clinician will respond to your query within 72 hours.

PSA and DRE Interpreation Advice

General Advice

If you are seeking general advice regarding prostate cancer and prostate cancer testing, we endeavour to provide you with up to date and evidenced based resources to assist in your practice.