Prostate Screen Australia

Prostate Cancer Testing : Why get tested at Prostate Screen Australia?

Prostate Screen Australia is Australia’s first and only prostate cancer testing group. Prostate Screen Australia provides men between 40 – 70 with prostate cancer testing in a clinic environment. Prostate cancer testing at Prostate Screen Australia requires no referral and only costs $50* out of pocket.

There are many good reasons to get tested for Prostate Cancer at Prostate Screen Australia:

-Screening is performed by specially trained doctors who use the latest testing guidelines -Initial appointments only take 20 to 30 minutes -Internationally recognised software tools are used to calculate an individual’s prostate cancer risk -Prostate Screen Australia uses stringent guidelines for follow up and review -Early prostate cancer is treatable and curable -Testing can reduce the death rate by up to 44% -No referral is required

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