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Doctors risk being sued amid PSA test confusion

A report published in the June edition of the ‘Medical Insurance Group Australia’ (MIGA) bulletin raised concerns that General Practitioners (GPs) risk being sued for the delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer that has arisen out of the conflicting guidance on PSA testing. Click here to read the article.

In the article, MIGA described cases where doctors are embroiled in ongoing legal cases  as a result of them failing to order follow up PSA tests resulting in what patients allege to cause a delayed diagnosis of their prostate cancer.

Professional medical bodies in Australia, including Prostate Screen Queensland do not advocate mass population based screening for prostate cancer (like screening for breast, colorectal or cervical cancer) however encourage each individual man to discuss the risks and benefits of testing with their doctor and make an informed choice regarding testing for prostate cancer.

Prostate Screen Australia is Australia’s only prostate cancer testing group that has in place strict systems and guidelines for testing, follow up, recall and referral. Prostate Screen Australia offers medical practitioners the ability to refer patients for testing and/or alternatively patients can self refer with no referral necessary.

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