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Prostate Screen Australia

  Australia’s only dedicated prostate cancer testing clinic

Receive the same high-quality care online

Save time by not having to come to the clinic. We will send and review all your blood tests and results through the online platform and communicate your recommendation to you.

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Why get tested with the experts?

  • Prostate Screen Australia’s medical practitioners are specially trained in prostate cancer testing and have access to immediate specialist advice and assistance if required
  • Prostate cancer education and testing remains the sole focus of the consultation
  • Internationally recognised software tools are used to calculate an individual’s risk of prostate cancer
  • Reassurance that your results are individually reviewed and interpreted by a specialised medical practitioner in accordance with specialist developed guidelines and algorithms
  • Peace of mind knowing that being tested by Prostate Screen Australia leaves nothing to chance

It’s easy to book online or by calling 1300 10 33 33 

1 in 9 men will develop Prostate Cancer

Prostate Screen Australia is a specialised men’s health group that provides prostate cancer screening, testing and follow up assessments for men aged 40 to 70 years.

Multiple recent research studies have affirmed the benefits of prostate cancer testing, both in reducing the death rate from prostate cancer and also reducing the amount of men who first present with metastatic (secondary) disease. Testing however is becomingly increasingly specialised and requires an individualised and customised approach to ensure men are both adequately and appropriately tested and monitored.

At Prostate Screen Australia, each man is individually assessed; with testing and follow-up customised to take into account their age, family history, co-morbidities, physical examination, prostate specific antigen (PSA), PSA velocity, PSA isoforms and MRI findings (where appropriate).