Maxwell Plus

We have partnered with Maxwell Plus
to bring your care online.

To make testing to be convenient, accurate and affordable. 

Save time with online blood test requests and reporting

A secure app sends all blood test requests, results and reporting straight to you. You no longer need to book an appointment for your blood test referrals and results.

Recommendations tailored to you

Together with Maxwell Plus we have developed guidelines to personalise your assessment. Your next steps are specific to you and your results. Not a blanket one size fits all approach. 

Improved analysis with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) analyses your results. Our clinicians review what the AI recommends and together determine your next best step.

How Maxwell Plus works

1. Create an account

Create an account and complete a short survey to understand your baseline risk.

2. Get a blood test

Blood test requests are delivered through the app and your past test results will be uploaded.

3. Receive your results

Clinicians from Prostate Screen Australia and the AI review all your data and recommend the next best step for you.